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ID Event offers you several services based on intelligent data collection via SMS. We give you the possibility to create a community by SMS to inform a COVID-19 detection but also to communicate benefits such as thanks by inviting them for example, during a next visit with the promotions of your choice.

Sms anti COVID-19

To avoid queuing, present yourself in front of the event's QR code poster or from home to order your entry ticket by SMS.


Dial "idevent" to 494 by sms. You will receive your "PASS" directly on your smartphone.


Present yourself in front of the entrance so that the "PASS" sent by SMS can be scanned.


Thank you for being here. Here is an advantage for your next visit or for a friend.


Direct-marketing: targeted communication with your customers via SMS; agenda events - programme changes - invitation - closure


As soon as someone catches VIDOC-19, she has an obligation to notify those around her and those who may have been exposed. She therefore calls ID Event or the establishments that may have been contaminated.


ID Event takes care of acting as a relay between the Event and the cantonal doctor in order to warn everyone who needs to be informed by phone or SMS.


The cantonal doctor will notify the relatives concerned according to their choice of communication so that they can take care of them.

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